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About Royston Youth Action

Royston Youth Action is one of few voluntary organisations working specifically with young people and children in Royston. It was established in October 1992 as a community response to the lack of opportunities and facilities available to young people in the area.

Royston has the highest unemployment rate for any ward in Glasgow and the highest rate of male offending in Scotland. One in three young people in Royston – more than twice the Scottish average - leave school and move straight into unemployment. A very large number of young people, therefore, are seeking jobs at any one time, but most lack the basic skills or qualifications to sustain paid employment. There is a desperate need for training to divert young people away from criminal activities and long-term unemployment. It is progressively more difficult for an unemployed young person to find a job. The effects are damaging to the individual’s self-confidence and sense of self-worth, and ultimately to community cohesion. There are very few opportunities for the establishment of new small businesses or other forms of social enterprise.

As the fourth most deprived area in Scotland, Royston is one of the poorest communities in the country. It is ranked among the top 5% for deprivation in health, income, employment, education, skills and training. 45% of all households derive all their income from the benefits system; a further 20% derive some of their income from the system. More people of working age in Royston claim unemployment-related allowances than in any other Glasgow ward. 70% of primary school pupils are entitled to free school meals against a Scottish average of 20%. Fewer than 3% of those aged between 18 and 25 are in further education. The project’s own research has indicated that over 80% of females aged 16-20 spend most of their time ‘hanging around’ the streets, not engaged in any form of social or health-related activity.

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